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Tucson Electric Power and MADD partnership going strong after 25 years

The alliance began when TEP employee Robert Bills was killed by a drunk driver while on the job back in 1993.

Pima County holds final hearing on Tucson Electric Power project

The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality recently hosted its final hearing for the community after soliciting feedback from the public on its proposed Tucson Electric Power Air Quality Permit.

Pima County extends comment period on power plant updates

The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality is extending its public comment period and holding another public hearing for the proposed modification of Air Quality Permit No. 1052 to Tucson Electric Power Irvington/H.Wilson Sundt Generating Station.

Suspicious activity disrupts power to Tucson residents

Tucson Electric Power is asking residents to report suspicious activity around their electrical equipment.

Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona earns $125,000 donation

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona is the recipient of a $125,000 donation from Tucson Electric Power, after earning the most votes in TEP’s recent Powerful Choice Challenge online voting contest.

Tucson Electric to donate $125,000 to local charities through online contest

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has kicked off an online contest that will give local nonprofits a chance to win $125,000.

Tucson Electric Power seeks bids for new natural gas generator

Bidding is underway for the engineering, design and construction of a new Tucson Electric Power (TEP) natural gas generator to help the company provide electric service and expand its renewable energy efforts.

Back-to-school events provide free supplies for students

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) will host back-to-school events, including games.

Workshop explores future of coal industry in Arizona

The future of the coal industry was explored in an April 6 workshop in Phoenix by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

Tucson Electric Power aims to boost renewable energy offerings

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) said it is working to grow its solar and wind-powered resources to meet its goal of doubling the amount of renewable power it offers within 15 years.

Tucson Electric Power, Tucson Urban League working together to aid the community

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and Tucson Urban League have been working together since the 1980s to support job training programs, make homes more energy-efficient and help customers pay bills during difficult times.

Tucson Electric Power installs smart thermostats in low-income apartment complexes

Tucson Electric Power is giving away smart thermostats to limited-income apartment residents who want to conserve energy.

TEP signs on as title sponsor for Winterhaven Festival of Lights

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) will serve as the title sponsor for the Winterhaven Festival of Lights for the next five years.

Tucson Electric Power volunteers spread holiday cheer

Tucson Electric Power employee volunteers are spreading cheer during the holiday season, hanging lights on parade floats and trees, lighting candles at festive events and offering up gifts.

Tucson Electric Power employees raise money for charities in El Tour de Tucson biking event

Approximately 30 employees from Tucson Electric Power (TEP) support charities every year by participating in the El Tour de Tucson bicycling event.

Tucson Electric Power to install smart thermostats in limited-income apartment complexes

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is working with apartment complexes to help limited-income customers save energy and reduce monthly utility bills by installing advanced programmable thermostats.

Tucson Electric Power seeks bids for a large solar power system

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) said last week it is seeking bids to design and build large renewable energy resources such as a community-scale solar array that could supply power to more than 20,000 homes.

Tucson Electric Power awards $250,000 in grants for education, environment and the underprivileged

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has awarded $250,000 in Community Impact Grants to 12 local nonprofit groups to help pay for home repairs for 175 limited-income families, help develop solar energy resources, expand opportunities for underserved students.

Tucson Electric Power joins partnership on energy storage site

Greensmith Energy, a company that provides energy storage software and integration services, will partner with E.ON Climate and Renewables and Tucson Electric Power (TEP) to design and create a grid-scale energy storage system at the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park.

Tucson Electric Power offers new mobile app

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has a new mobile app to notify customers about power outages and to allow customers to make payments or study their energy use patterns.

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